It was time for me to try something else in my writing career, and I got that opportunity when I interviewed with Harvard last month for a writing position. The assignment was to go to the Graduate School of Design at Harvard and do a piece on an exhibit about housing that a group of […]

I was thinking about some of the past videos I’ve done and how I really need to get better at the editing process. There was a time when we were allowed to shoot whatever inside the locker room of every team in Boston. But now with rights and all those things being controlled by the […]

These are the kind of stories I really enjoy writing. The ones about regular people getting to mingle with the top of their profession for a day or a week. Dan Venezio is an assistant golf professional at Myopia Hunt Club.  He wasn’t a star in high school and didn’t play golf in college. He […]

There are some stories that you come across that you just can’t wait to write and can’t wait to tell. Philip Cardwell’s is one of those stories. Cardwell is blind in his right eye. He’s survived three surgeries to remove a benign brain tumor and he’s playing some of the best golf of his life. […]

This isn’t going to be an “Oh, this is what happened to me” kind of article. Yes, I was down at the finish line at of the Marathon at my usual post for the Boston Herald next to the Boston Public Library until about 2:30ish. Yes, I walked up Boylston St. and got on a […]

The mission statement for the Bentley women’s basketball team is almost complete. Almost. The Falcons have one more game tonight (March 28) against West Texas A&M. The winner goes home with the Div. 2 NCAA National Championship. A title would be the first one for Barbara Stevens and her Bentley program. Kind of hard to […]

The Red Sox rise to relevancy in the city of Boston took another step with a 5-2 win in Game 6 of the American League Championship over the Detroit Tigers. I’ve been in the Red Sox clubhouse for the majority of the home games this season and have been there during the playoff run. Here […]