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Tackling Substance Use Disorders on the Front Line

It was about 9 p.m. when the radio called out for an apparent overdose somewhere in Weymouth. In my role here at the Health System, I’ve helped promote the work our paramedics and EMTs have done to train the public on how to use Narcan for suspected overdoses and heard from community members of the […]

Following Through on 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions have never been my thing. People say all the time that they’d like to eat better, or exercise more, or finally do something to better their situations once the clock strikes midnight to signify a New Year. Then those people, yes including me, just wake up with a hangover the next day […]

Learning inDesign on the fly

Hello all. It has definitely been a while. But I’ve been super busy learning about the healthcare world at South Shore Health System. I took over editing and writing the internal newsletter about six months ago. But this month, I added the ability to design the newsletter in-house with our new graphic designer. Amanda Petersen, […]

Highlighting new video work

So a lot of people are asking what I do at my new job. I do believe I have the longest title in the building as Communications Specialist: Digital Media, Social Media, Media Relations at South Shore Hospital. Basically I help set the editorial agenda at the hospital on their social channels, assists with crisis […]

An Afternoon With Hope Floats

I remember meeting Mike Brack in the summer going into junior high. I was from Pembroke. He was from Plympton, a neighboring town in the South Shore. We were heading into Regional Junior High School for the first time, so it was odd when you met someone from outside your town. Mike and I got […]

A different view of the Boston Marathon

This year was much, much different for me even though it was the second time in my life I got to see the Start Line and the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon all in one day. Instead of running, like I did last year for the first time ever, I worked the Marathon for […]

CrossFit as Church?

I had the chance to write another piece for Harvard, and this time it was for the Divinity School. Two students worked on a study about how Millenials – the 18-to-34 year old generation – are finding religious values through other communities outside of the church. Here is the piece posted on Harvard’s website to […]