Dan Venezio ready to live out golf dream

These are the kind of stories I really enjoy writing. The ones about regular people getting to mingle with the top of their profession for a day or a week.

Dan Venezio is an assistant golf professional at Myopia Hunt Club.  He wasn’t a star in high school and didn’t play golf in college. He just worked at his game, worked on his profession, and now finds himself in the PGA Championship thanks to a solid tournament to qualify to play at Whistling Straights.

I don’t know where these PGA professionals find time to get really good at their collective games, especially around here. I lived that life for a little bit and after a 60-hour week, where you literally work sun up to sun down, it’s hard to find the energy to lift up a club and improve your own game.

But Venezio has done that. Here’s a story from the Boston Herald on Wednesday about his journey to earn his way into the fourth major tournament of the year on the PGA Tour. http://www.bostonherald.com/sports/golf/2015/07/major_accomplishment_for_local_golfer_venezio


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