Avery Bradley Ready for Offseason


The Celtics will be pointing at Bradley as a key to the future.

The Celtics saw the good and the bad from Avery Bradley this season.

The good was a lockdown perimeter defender who made life miserable for opposing point guards as they brought the ball up the court. The good was a player that had a defined role as the Celtics’ shooting guard, who could come off curls and hit the elbow jump shots and also move without the basketball.

The bad was a confused, miscast guard running an offense and throwing the ball into the first and second rows. That Bradley lost his way on the defensive end and couldn’t keep Raymond Felton in front of him for the entire Knicks series, minus the last nine minutes of Game 6 last Friday.

Now the Celtics must find out just which Bradley they will have next season and going into the future. Having Rajon Rondo will bring back that cutting Bradley and will allow him to not worry about bringing the ball up the court. Maybe that Bradley gets back to focusing the majority of his time on the defensive side of the ball.

I caught up with Bradley after Game 6 to talk about his breakout fourth quarter, which proved a little late to save the Celtics postseason plans, and to talk about what he plans on doing in the offseason. He said he is really looking forward to being healthy and plans on working out three or four times a day in the Boston area.

Here are the links to the stories from the Boston Herald. This is the story from Saturday’s paper about Bradley’s fourth quarter. Here is the Sunday sidebar about Bradley’s healthy outlook.

(I’ll do my best to update this blog more often. Been a little busy with work. But the offseason is going to be too good to ignore.)


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