Tiger Close But Not There Yet

Will Tiger Woods recapture the dominance he once had on the PGA Tour. He’s close.

This could be some forward momentum for Tiger Woods.

Sure, the scores at TPC Boston during the Deutsche Bank Championship looked like a bunch of scratch golfers going after a pitch-and-putt, but Woods was there with the leaders all week long. He played well enough to win, but at the end of the day he didn’t.

Flashes were many for Woods this week with the six birdies in a row during Friday’s first round play, the crunch-time 9-iron into 17 on Monday when he absolutely needed to make a birdie. But the quirky misgivings with his putter at times or the inability to really get the ball close and give himself a chance to go on a run during Monday’s back-nine still exist, and that’s why his name is not being splashed across the leaderboard in first place in every tournament he appears in.

There are too many 63-footers for birdie for Woods to overcome. Too many 8-footers missed for birdie to take that No. 1 spot from young Rory McIlroy.

That isn’t to say that it won’t or can’t happen. Tiger is still one of the best players on Tour. He is now tied with the most wins on the PGA Tour this season after McIlroy held on yesterday. He finally went low all four rounds and especially both days on the weekend.

Plenty of signs of forward momentum for Woods, now it’s up to him to burst through it and be the player he was pre-injuries and pre-well we know what this pre stands for.

Here’s my story from Tuesday’s Boston Herald on Tiger Woods final round at TPC Boston. 


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