Patriots Training Camp Links

I’ve spent a couple of days down at Gillette Stadium for New England Patriots training camp this year, and while Bill Belichick’s team looks like a solid group gearing for another run at a Super Bowl it is far too early to tell.

The Patriots need to get healthy on the offensive line in front of Tom Brady. The defense needs to keep improving,and the young talent on that side of the ball needs to mature and mature quickly.

Chandler Jones got some praises from a Pro Bowl left tackle of the New Orleans Saints during the first of two joint practices. 

The defense got another look at one of the best offenses in the league, and it wasn’t the Brady’s bunch. Drew Brees was firing away again, per usual, to his plethora of targets. The Pats defense had troubles and a couple victories, and the players talked about going against another high-powered offense in practice. 

The offensive line has been shifting all camp, but Nate Solder has been steady so far in camp. Here’s a look at his early reaction from his first camp as the starting left tackle. 

Lastly, from Monday’s Boston Herald, Kyle Arrington looks to get comfortable with his role in the secondary. 

Check out all the work and make sure to check out the Herald for your Patriots info.


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