Spending a Day at Suffolk Downs

This was another one of those assignments that you get as a freelancer where you just go in a little blind to the subject area.

I’ve never been a horse racing follower. I’ve watched the Kentucky Derby and the races of the Triple-Crown, but betting and knowing the ins-and-outs of the workings of a horse track just wasn’t my thing.

But after spending a few hours, and kind of understanding the foreign language that everyone was explaining to me, I found out that there are features and stories to be told by each and everyone of the jockeys, trainers, valets and agents at the East Boston track.

The biggest feature I looked at was the women riders and how they are coming back to the track and coming back strong, as four women are in the top-15 in the season standings. Tammi Piermarini is the soon-to-be Hall of Fame jockey at some point, as she raced her way into third in the all-time mark.

There is also a new wave of women riders coming to Boston to race.

Here is the feature I wrote for the Herald. Make sure to pick up the paper too (shamless plug) as our jobs depend on it. Haha. 

Suffolk Downs is also hoping for a little face lift if the proposed casino plans with Caesars Entertainment actually goes through. The track has long been rumored to be the spot for the slot-only parlor, but the track has bigger ideas for a $1-billion resort casino.

There are still a lot of votes and legal ramifications for the track, and by talking to a few detractors of the casino, it seems like it will be a long time before the politics work itself out in this battle.

Here is a sidebar about the optimism from the jockeys and those inside the locker rooms of the proposed casinos.


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