Streetball Invades Boston

I remember watching the And-1 Mixtape Tour with all of my college roommates on ESPN when we were supposed to be in, ahem, class.

So when I got the call to cover Ball Up, a new professional streetball franchise, it was definitely kind of exciting to see some of those guys show up in the city and put their talents on display.

After about 11 hours of watching streetball and watching a bunch of guys try to be the “next-best-thing” I realized how much I missed the structure and defense that comes along with “real” basketball. Streetball is exciting at times, with the windmill dunks and alley-oops, but really it’s an individual game and to me it’s not the way the game should be played.

There were some interesting guys who came out for the tryouts and two local players will now have a chance to make streetball a full-time job. But at the end of the day, give me some coaches, strategy, defensive intensity and the little nuances of a “team” game that makes basketball a great sport to watch.

Those are just my thoughts, and make sure to read the story from Saturday’s Herald as Celtics forward Brandon Bass coached the Boston All-Stars vs. Ball Up. 



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