Monthly Archives: July 2012

Golf Anyone?

It was good to get away for my only vacation of the summer, a less than 24-hour trip to rainy Maine this weekend, but bookending that trip was a great local golf tournament and a chance to hear one of New England’s best golfers talk about his chance at a little redemption. Last week, Jack […]

Spending a Day at Suffolk Downs

This was another one of those assignments that you get as a freelancer where you just go in a little blind to the subject area. I’ve never been a horse racing follower. I’ve watched the Kentucky Derby and the races of the Triple-Crown, but betting and knowing the ins-and-outs of the workings of a horse […]

Streetball Invades Boston

I remember watching the And-1 Mixtape Tour with all of my college roommates on ESPN when we were supposed to be in, ahem, class. So when I got the call to cover Ball Up, a new professional streetball franchise, it was definitely kind of exciting to see some of those guys show up in the […]

Mike Calef Gets His Prize

Mike Calef calmly explained his emotions and the twists and turns of the rounds this week with me and the other reporters inside the clubhouse of Tedesco Country  Club yesterday afternoon. He traveled from his home in Texas, played 136 holes of golf in a span of five days — not to mention in 90 […]

Finals Set in 104th Mass. Amateur Championship

The field of 140 has been whittled down to two in this year’s Mass. Amateur Championship at Tedesco Country Club in Marblehead. Mark Souliotis, a 46-year-old out of Haverhill CC, will take on Mike Calef in the finals today in one more 36-hole grind. Calef (Brockton CC) is a former professional who reclassified as an […]

From Near Defeat to a Victory Over an Old Nemesis

Colin Brennan was one shot away from having his Mass. Amateur Championship ended in a blink of an eye on the 19 th hole of his opening match against Matt Bianchini. Brennan pulled his tee shot underneath a tree on the first hole at Tedesco Country Club, but hit a low shot up and onto […]

James Cerretani’s Strong Wimbledon Showing

I had a chance to talk with James Cerretani again this year after his quarterfinal showing at Wimbledon last week. Last year, I met James and his entire family in his Reading home up in the North Shore as he was visiting home for a few days of vacation before getting back out on the […]